Flying high, Baby!

Alaia took her first flight last week. We cashed in some karma points and dodged major meltdowns this go. That being said, the airline attendant reminded us that Alaia’s age is the easier age to fly with. As soon as kids start walking is when the challenge up’s its game. 

Due to our limited ability to travel, we are no experts on travelling with a baby. However, we did learn a lot, & FAST. Alaia had three 10-minute melt downs on her first flight. To a parent, 10 minutes feels like 45 minutes. On our way home, we swaddled her, and brought her cry time down drastically. 

Travelling with an infant doesn’t have to be a nightmare or stressful. Here are some essential tips to share with those who have babies, making their travel lives easier.

  • Get to the airport early. There’s a lot of extra gear stroller, car seat, diaper bag, bigger luggage, etc. We are typical travel minimalists and we still had lots of stuff.

  • Pack your bottles. Did you know security has exceptions on liquids for those travelling with a baby under 24 months old? We carried a small cooler bag with a cold pack and bottled milk with no issues. The government’s security website will indicate details particular to where you are travelling. 

  • Having a diaper bag that is a back pack is a back-saver!

  • Pack your swaddle (or sleep sack), pacifier & blanket in the carry-on bag. Whatever you typically use for sleep routine, bring it & use it for sleep time on the plane. 

  • Pack a couple toys for on the plane. Babies do get bored!

  • Downloaded baby’s favourite shows on your phone. This saved us from a meltdown or two. 

  • Do a diaper change right before boarding. Although most planes are equipt with change tables, it’s a tight squeeze. 

  • Take advantage of pre boarding. If there are two of you, consider boarding the plane separately. It usually takes 30 minutes for everyone to board a plane. You don’t want to be stuck in the seat with an  infant longer than needed. Strategy: have one parent board the flight early to stow the carry-ons and diaper bag, gate-check the stroller/car seat. Meanwhile, the other parent walks/entertains the child until everybody is on board and then boards last.

  • Gate check your stroller. Keep your stroller as long as possible. You’ll be especially grateful if your flight is delayed! 

  • Nurse or feed them during take of and landing. Their ears can be sensitive to air pressure changes and the result of the uncomfortable sensation is usually a 10/10 meltdown. The swallowing while drinking keeps the ears from popping. Or, if they don’t want to eat, give them a pacifier.

  • Keep things interesting during the flight: tummy time on your lap, play with toys, shows, songs etc.  

  • If the baby is small enough, and you are at risk for falling asleep holding baby who is sleeping on your lap, drop the tray table. In the unlikely event you fall asleep and baby rolls forward, you have a table ensuring there is no thud. Morgan discovered this trick as her head started to nod. #safetyfirst

If you have read this far, you’re taking this as serious as we did!  Our best tip: remain calm and chill. Babies cry on planes, that’s what babies do. All the adults around you were crying babies too at one time. 


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